Sell Property at Auction

Rivertown Antiques and Estate Services offers excellent service for sellers through auctions conducted online or in person. Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about selling property at auction including a sample auction timeline and a description of situations in which an auction may be helpful.

The basic auction process includes the following steps:

   Evaluation of Property by Our Specialists

   Making the Decision to Sell

   Completing an Auction Contract

   Delivery of Inventory to the Auction Location

   Photography of Catalog Creation

   Auction Bidding

   Delivery of Auction Proceeds

To begin the auction process, contact our specialists directly.

The auction process always begins with a no-obligation inspection and evaluation of any property to sell and a discussion of the seller's goals. All subsequent recommendations are customized according to the seller's objectives and assets. At Rivertown Antiques and Estate Services, the needs and interests of the client are always the top priority.

Rivertown Antiques and Estate Services is capable of conducting auctions to assist in businesses liquidations. Advantages of an auction over other means include maximum exposure to an active surplus buyer marketplace, a full service solution that minimizes the seller's time and expenses, and a rapid auction timeline that can be completed in a matter of a few days to several weeks depending on the circumstances and the inventory.

Rivertown Antiques and Estate Services' novel strategy and use of technology is especially appealing to those settling an estate and others needing to empty a house of its contents on a strict timeline. Common practice through the last several decades has been for an estate sale service provider to enter a home, place prices on all items for sale and wait for buyers. This process can be incredibly time consuming and, more importantly, does not guarantee the best price for the seller. In fact, many who use a traditional estate sale are often left with unsold items at the end of the process. With an estate auction provided by Rivertown Antiques and Estate Services, all items are inventoried, photographed and placed online allowing buyers to bid at their own convenience. When the auction is over, all items are sold, the real estate is completely empty, and sellers can be sure that all property was sold at fair market prices.

If you have a larger collection of personal property, an estate to settle, or a business in need of inventory reduction or liquidation, please contact one of our specialists directly.